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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

LTC Week 1

Week 1, to me, was a bit of a shock but great though. There were many things I knew how to do online, but I was kind of lost and slow while doing others. I was familiar to Wiziq but I hadn't used it properly. Since then I've been reading more about Wiziq and Moodle and ways they can be used for ELT and ELL purposes and for teaching in general.

I have also tried to work with blogs before but I wasn't quite into them until now. I have had some experience working with Wikis though. I have realized about the amount of resources there are over the Internet and how we can use them to benefit our lessons and engage our students.

Personally, I think I should spend more time experimenting with Blogger and sharing with my colleagues what I've done and how to do it.

This is a page I found on FB, it's called Box of Tricks. It features loads of websites and promotes the effective use of ICT in education. Have fun!


  1. Hey Miguel. It may take a while (or not) getting one's head around some web tools. Wiziq is an excellent tool for syncronous activities! Wiziq and blogs wonderful for writing, reading and collaborative work. BTW, Box of Tricks is a fantastic place to learn about integrating LTs into the language classroom. Her's another link for Box of Tricks:

  2. Hi Miguel! Interesting post! I see that you have more opportunities to use different types of learning technologies when teaching large groups, especially wikis and blogs. I am trying to figure out what kinds of LT´s are more suitable for In-Company classes (in our company we teach executives and we don´t have more than 6 or 7 students in a class).