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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

LTC Week 1

Week 1, to me, was a bit of a shock but great though. There were many things I knew how to do online, but I was kind of lost and slow while doing others. I was familiar to Wiziq but I hadn't used it properly. Since then I've been reading more about Wiziq and Moodle and ways they can be used for ELT and ELL purposes and for teaching in general.

I have also tried to work with blogs before but I wasn't quite into them until now. I have had some experience working with Wikis though. I have realized about the amount of resources there are over the Internet and how we can use them to benefit our lessons and engage our students.

Personally, I think I should spend more time experimenting with Blogger and sharing with my colleagues what I've done and how to do it.

This is a page I found on FB, it's called Box of Tricks. It features loads of websites and promotes the effective use of ICT in education. Have fun!